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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Survival Mindset – Do you have what it takes?

Let me ask you a few questions and I want you to be really honest with yourself (I really won’t know your answers anyway) with your answers.
  1. If your loved ones were being viciously attacked or raped would you kill to protect them?
  2. If you were being viciously attacked would you kill to protect yourself?
  3. What if you or your loved ones were starving; would you steal or kill to feed them or yourself?
  4. How about if you or your loved ones were dying from dehydration; what would you do to make sure that you had enough water for you and your loved ones?
  5. To what lengths would you go to provide shelter for you and your loved ones?

These are tough questions that ultimately you will need to not only answer; but, resign yourself to having to do something that you might find morally or ethically objectionable under normal circumstances.  Depending on the situation you find yourself in anything you choose to do or not do will absolutely have consequences (either good or bad).  Would you take a life to save a life?  Who’s to say which life is more valuable?  

These are very tough and complex questions and you won’t have time to ponder over the answer when the time comes to act.  Remember these quotes: “He who hesitates is lost.” or “Better you then them.” or “Shoot first and ask questions later.”  Now, I know you can probably come up with other quotes that can be used to counter these quotes.  However, that’s not the point of this “exercise”.  

The point of this part of my BLOG is for you to come to terms with whatever action you are going to do and then be resolute in actually doing that action.  Protecting yourself and your loved ones or not protecting them.  Feeding and supplying drinking water to yourself and your loved ones or not.  Providing shelter for yourself and your loved ones or not.  The list could go on and on; but, hopefully you got the point.  Make a decision; come to grips with the possible ramifications of your decision and then follow-through with your decisions.  

I can’t help you make these kinds of choices as it is something that you must decide for yourself and your loved ones on your own.  What I can tell you is that faced with a tough situation I would do whatever I could to make sure my loved ones and I would survive – no matter what.

Stay tuned for the next BLOG post that will provide you with the skeleton framework for you to use in creating your Plan. 


Survival is a combination of preparedness plus a survival mindset. If you have the WILL to survive, the skills/knowledge to survive, as well as, some planning and preparation ▬ then you will ultimately survive. Don't wait until it is too late or your chances for survival will diminish accordingly. As always, good luck and know I am on your side. ~~ The Survival Guy